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Alternative Medicine - Medical Qigong & Meditation Therapy
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About Me

I am a curious spirited woman. I love nature, cultural diversity and have a compassionate heart. I respect all religions and walks of life.  My personal goal is to promote joyful lives, wellness, and spirituality.

I was born and raised in Chile, South America and have lived in the Bay Area for over 23 years. I have a bachelor's degrees in both Biology and Education and have extensive experience facilitating adult learning in the Biotechnology Industry.

As a curious spirited woman, I have explored spirituality through religion, meditation and yoga practices. I am a certified  Medical QiGong (Chi Kung) Therapist; I completed the certification at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley. This therapeutic modality uses the Acupuncture Meridian Energetic System. 

I have had the privilege to volunteer at a non-profit clinic in Oakland that provides complementary alternative medicine (CAM) to low-income women suffering with cancer.  This clinic has make me realize how much alternative medicine complements modern medicine in the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases.

I have helped over a thousand people in the past 6 years. Every person I have helped has proved how much one person can do for another, and has confirmed my commitment to this form of therapy. Life has given me many blessings and I wish to share my gifts with you. 

I encourage you to try this  alternative option to add a powerful and compassionate touch to your life. 

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More Information and Reference Links:

- US National Institute of Health - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
- The National QiGong Association

Clinical Studies:
- Medical Qigong for cancer patients: pilot study of impact on quality of life, side effects of treatment and inflammation. Am J Chin  Med. 2008;36(3):459-72.