Maria Cunich 
Alternative Medicine - Medical Qigong & Meditation Therapy
Located at 558 Amber Isle 
Alameda, California 94501
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Medical QiGong Therapy Services
First thing's first. I would like to thank my dearest teacher, Dr. Suzanne Friedman, for sharing her knowledge of the Yijing Medical QiGong System, for her sense of humor, skillful  translations of ancient Chinese practices and cosmology into our western understanding of health, and for making me believe in the power of intention. 

Your mind is the most important tool for restoring your health. Allow Maria to teach you how to use it.

QiGong Exercises - 5 Elements Theory: Dynamic Form
QiGong exercises are similar to Tai Chi practices. QiGong movements and breathing techniques and sound systems are designed for the energetic balance of organs and the meridian system to cultivate health and vitality. The 5 Elements QiGong practice last about 35 minutes, can be done by any person, and can accommodate most physical limitations.

Therapeutic Protocols
There are multiple therapeutic protocols. All treatments provided by a practitioner start with a health and energetic diagnosis. Then a protocol or part of a protocol will be performed according to the practitioner's assessment. Examples of protocols are "Bagua Balancing," "Restore the Sinues," "13-Ghost points," "Chakra Clearing," and specific excess or deficiency organ protocols.

Therapeutic QiGong Meditations: Static Form
Guided meditations focus on intention and visualization to guide the mind and energy to promote deep relaxation, stress release, calming of the nervous system and promoting health and vitality.