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"The retreat was a stepping stone to embrace meditation and reflection"

Having lost my mother less than 3 months ago and going through an  end of a 3 year relationship at the same time, I felt vulnerable, lost and lonely. The retreat was truly transformational for me. I felt soon a  company of supportive friends, non-competitive, inclusive group of very diverse women. I felt how deeply the organizers cared about us all, and  how we all cared for each other. I started seeing my life clearly, and the fear of loneliness went away replaced by a feeling of renewal. I have  never experienced anything like that before… Ella Morgulis, Product Manager, SAP

I had a wonderful time and feel that I benefited from the tools I learned, the camaraderie with other women,  and the beautiful surroundings. It was more than I imagined it would be. Since returning to the "real world", I have incorporated meditation into  my daily life and am using the feedback from my energy check to live more fully. Thank you. Wanda Dennis, CPA

 …This retreat was a stepping stone to embrace meditation and reflection; I allowed myself to carry an open mind to meet new people and I can  say with certainty that I was able to accomplish this goal. Human interaction is something people do less over time. I enjoyed the retreat  grounds, it was peaceful and calm. Martha C. Rodriguez, Supervisor Administration

What a nice surprise it was to arrive and feel everyone's good  energy and soothing excitement about the weekend ahead. I felt immediately welcomed by all these women whom I had never met and I was  equally joyful to meet them, hear their stories and share this special experience together… Gaby Chaparro, Marketing

 I use the tools everyday, sometimes on the run, others quietly before going to bed. The tools are simple, very visual and a great way to find  grounding when life seems to get out of hand. Cynthia Padula, Biologist

 The tools for grounding, centering, connecting to earth and universal energy that we shared and reinforced in the workshop gave me a wonderful  centered feeling that I took with me after the weekend. I am continuing to use these tools in my life and find they have helped me have a peaceful  and positive outlook everyday. I also loved being at Harbin and having access to the pools and grounds, I made nice connections to the other  women at the retreat while using the pools and hiking. I loved incorporating yoga. Thank you for providing an enriching experience.  
 Kathy,  Retired Social Work Supervisor

Spiritual Women's Retreats
Intuitive Insight Experience

 My first session with Maria was an eye opener. I have never done anything like this before, although it has been on my mind for the last few  months. It was far more insightful than I expected. She walked me through images and visualizations that resonated deeply. She also gave me  "homework" that would continue the work we did together. It was simple, well formatted and telling, Maria is truly gifted while remaining warm  and down-to-earth.  John Moreira LMT, Asian Bodywork Therapy